I'm very pleased to announce a new update to Sentris, code-named "Glacier". It will be the last early access update to Sentris, and it's releasing to Steam on May 26th.

This update embodies an oceanic glacier, which is mostly invisible below the surface of the water. The vast majority of improvements in "Glacier" are not necessarily visible to the naked eye. The work lies in improving and optimizing the underlying systems that drive Sentris. Notable features included in this update are:

  • Simple and elegant new front-end menu system
  • Seamless experience transitioning between menus and gameplay
  • Three configurable game modes
  • New puzzles
  • New tutorials
  • New instrument variations
  • New background variations

All early access players will receive this update when it goes live on Steam on Tuesday May 26th. The currently live version, code-named "Honeycomb", is available now.